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Aloha Friends!

Thank you so much for downloading my free ebook Beginners Guide to Veganism.

I have finally finished my long awaited dessert ebook and it is ready for you to download right now. Click here to purchase.

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I am so excited to finally share with you all 


I have been working so hard on this project for the last year and a half now. It has evolved and grown so much since the beginning. 

My eco kits and lunch sets are now available for you to purchase on

Earth Aloha. Zero Waste. Eco Friendly Kit. Sustainable Lunch. Reusable Straw.

Included in YOUR KIT:


Large Eco Food Container

Made from all-natural bamboo fibers & large enough for ACTUAL TO-GO sized...

The Plant Era- Plant Based Protein Review


Hey friends! I haven't posted a blog for quite some time. I wanted to write a review of this new protein that is circulating right now. 

It is called The Plant Era and the flavor is really good. I don't always use protein powders but I do like to add them into my smoothies on occasion. 

A lot of times the protein powders that I try are really chalky and can definitely have a distinct aftertaste. This one didn't do that. I tried the Dark Chocolate flavor and added it into my smoothie that consisted of frozen bananas,...

Vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving to me is all about giving thanks for what you are grateful for; for being with loved ones and genuinely enjoying your time together. It breaks my heart that so many animals and people are affected by tragedy in this day and age, but I am also so THANKFUL for how far we have come as a society. 

  • There‚Äôs been a¬†600% increase in people identifying as vegans in the U.S in the last three years.¬†According to a¬†report¬†by research firm GlobalData, only 1% of U.S. consumers...

What to eat while traveling to Maui?

I get emails and DMs literally on the daily asking where to eat VEGAN on Maui and what my favorite restaurants are. 

So I have decided it makes much more sense to list them for you here¬†ūü§ó. In order of my faves:

Choice Health Bar in Pa'ia & Lahaina. I am obsessed with their POWabunga bowl and their Kale Caesar Salad. SOOO Good!

a'a Roots located in Napili and this is actually the ONLY ALL VEGAN RESTAURANT on island. I think...