Donations Made May 29th-June 24th, 2018

Hi friends, 

I always want to be super transparent about the donations made to the organizations listed on the checkout page. Whenever you donate, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar and I will send all the money to the separate non-profits roughly once every month. You will be able to find your order number associated with your donation on the spreadsheet attached as well as proof of the money being sent and any correspondence I receive back from the non-profit after the donation is made. Please feel free to email me at any point with questions. Thank you so much for all of your love and support ♥



Donations for Aloha Maui Vegan E-Book Beginners Guide to Veganism 5/29/18-06/24/18 

Click here to view PDF

Donations made to Vegan Outreach 

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Donations made to Leilani Animal Sanctuary 

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Donations made to Balanced 

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