Vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving to me is all about giving thanks for what you are grateful for; for being with loved ones and genuinely enjoying your time together. It breaks my heart that so many animals and people are affected by tragedy in this day and age, but I am also so THANKFUL for how far we have come as a society. 

  • There’s been a 600% increase in people identifying as vegans in the U.S in the last three years. According to a report by research firm GlobalData, only 1% of U.S. consumers claimed to be vegan in 2014. And in 2017, that number rose to 6%.
  • Mainstream health organizations are recommending a plant-based diet. Including, among others: Kaiser Permanente, the largest healthcare organization in the U.S.; the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee; and the American Institute for Cancer Research.

The above stats are from Food Revolution Check out the full post to read so much more about how much of a shift is actually happening today.

I was asked by a friend to help create a flyer for a really cool idea for Thanksgiving. She is going to set up a table with a bunch of Thanksgiving Vegan Alternative foods to help spread awareness showing the endless possibilities to help switch your Thanksgiving into a cruelty-free one. I thought I would share the flyer so that anyone of you who are interested could print off and share yourself. 

The flyer is good for standard printer paper and you will cut down the middle after printing and have two handouts per page :)

Happy Plant-ing my friends 🌱

Thanksgiving Flyer

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  • Long time YouTube viewer of Ellen Fishers. I had a question about the pan that was used in the video of the Bomb Breakfast Crepes. I have been looking for a non stick pan and thought I would research the one you used in your video and see if it suited my needs. If you could please let me know what brand it is that would be most helpful.
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