What to eat while traveling to Maui?

I get emails and DMs literally on the daily asking where to eat VEGAN on Maui and what my favorite restaurants are. 

So I have decided it makes much more sense to list them for you here 🤗. In order of my faves:

Choice Health Bar in Pa'ia & Lahaina. I am obsessed with their POWabunga bowl and their Kale Caesar Salad. SOOO Good!

a'a Roots located in Napili and this is actually the ONLY ALL VEGAN RESTAURANT on island. I think its so important to support restaurants that sell vegan options, but especially ALL VEGAN joints. They have so many options and everything I have had is the beeees kneeeees!

Maui Kombucha located in the town of Haiku. They have lots of raw vegan options and lots to choose from. Their acai bowls with their coconut meringue is to DIE for, seriously. 

Harvest Cafe located in Kihei is a must for any vegan visiting Maui. They have the best Brekky Sunrise Bowl and Burrito. I'm a huge fan!

Veg Out they are also located in Kihei and have another location in Haiku. We are pretty much obsessed with their "steak" sandwich. I opt for the gluten free homemade bread, but the hubby loves their delicious roll it is usually served on. 

Flatbread Pizza Co located in Pa'ia and it's our go to vegan spot when we have family visiting. They have a delicious gluten free vegan crust as well as traditional crust that can be made vegan. You can opt for their pesto or marinara and tons and tons of veggies. You can also bring your own veggie cheese. We love to order the Cheese and Herb Flatbread minus the cheese and make sure to order their house salad- it is so bomb!!!

Down to Earth located in Kahului right by the OGG airport. We love their burgers to go and their hot food bar. We also do most of our grocery shopping here as well. If you are headed up to Pa'ia hold our for grocery shopping at the next spot because it is typically much more affordable.

Mana Foods in Pa'ia. They also have a great hot food bar with to go items. Plus their grocery shopping is the best on island. It can be hard to find parking so make sure to save your receipt and park in the lot by the post office and you will get the first hour free. 

Whole Foods located in Kahului by the airport too. Make sure to stop by after you land and pick up some of the essentials. They also do an awesome gluten free/vegan pizza from their hot food bar and its one of our quick go to meals when out and about. 

Fork & Salad they have two locations one in Kihei and one in Kahului. We love their Super Salad and also the Falafel & Quinoa Sandwich we just get it without dairy and its vegan. They have a few dressings that are dairy free and vegan as well as the option to create your own salad.

Moku Roots located in Lahaina and let me just tell you, this place is so good. They don't use any single use plastic and use ALL reusable containers. It is pretty incredible. Make sure to bring your own container if you are taking take out, you can also buy one of their items prepared in a Taro leaf for take out or purchase one of their to-go containers. 

Thai Chef located in Lahaina. I know you can usually make items vegan at Thai restaurants, but I really really love this place. All their Veg items are vegan. No fish sauce or egg. We are completely obsessed with their Red Pineapple Curry, Veggie Fried Rice and let me just say their Veggie Pad Thai is a dream. You won't be disappointed. 

Penne Pasta Cafe also located in Lahaina. They have a coupe options that can be made vegan. They carry a vegan cheese as well. 

Hawaiian Moons located in Kihei. Grocery store and hot food bar with vegan options for take out.

Farmers Market- Ka'anapali  located on the west side in Ka'anapali. Don't be fooled by this little spot. They have awesome shopping items as well as some take away food including Acai bowls. 

Joy's Place located in Kihei. They have quite a few options for vegans and usually a couple of raw vegan entrees and desserts. 

Ko Restaurant located in Wailea at the Fairmont Kea Lani. If you are looking for a nice evening out with a great atmosphere and view, this is the place. They have a few dishes that are specifically vegan and a couple that can be customized vegan. Just tell your server and they will hook you up.

Four Seasons located in Wailea. They have multiple restaurants that have the same healthy fine dining 4 course menu. We have eaten at Ferraro's and it did not disappoint. Such an epic view and a more of a fancy night out. 

I am sure there are plenty of other options that have great vegan options. These are just our favorite places to eat and we haven't tried any other places so I don't want to recommend them until I try. Make sure to download to Happy Cow app to find any other options. Happy Eating Plant Friends 🌱🌱🌱




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